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That moment where you realize everything in life is a bit crazy and just when you figured it all out it changes! This is the moment I found that I was going to begin my blog.

I am not a pro at anything, I am learning everything and wanted to be able to show what I learn through this blog. I wanted to feel accountable to all the things I want to complete and what better than sharing it with others?

On this blog you will find information about raising daughters, marriage moments and even take a look at health and finances. This is all things that are impacting my life and I want to share!

I am a Mama of two beautiful daughters. An independent and spunky three year old and a happy baby.

I love being at home with these two sweeties and it is such a blessing to watch them grow.

My girls

I have been married for 7 years to my best friend. He is an amazing husband and father that does his best to provide for our family.

Hubby just arrived home from deployment!

I use to be a first and second grade teacher but was able to leave the classroom to create a classroom at home.  I love to travel and live in Delaware. The grand first state!


Thank you for stopping by and reading what I have to share! It feels so good to share my thoughts about life and the excitement that goes on in my home.


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