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Steps to Creating a Paperbag Octopus

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Aldi… How many of you shop there? It is wonderful. Great prices, good selection of food and the fact that the carts seat not one but TWO kids is genius! However, bringing my own bags…. (heavy sigh) I always forget them. I have them they are so pretty and they are super easy to use… in my room on the hook. Yes bringing my own bags to Aldi is still a learning lesson for me. Though in the meantime I am fortunate enough to inherit a zillion paper bags! Ahh paper bags… so many ideas so little time.

Which leads me to the activity I have planned to share today. My daughter and I are learning about different ocean animals this summer and the first one we studied is the octopus. Very fascinating. Did you know they are poisonous.. I found this to be the most interesting fact about them. So initially I thought I would just paint the bag, cut 8 legs and glue on some eyeballs. It did not exactly work that way. So here are my easy steps to creating your very own paper bag octopus.


Step 1. Paint the bag. M loves pink so our octopus is pink. Be creative. I also used a sponge but it can be painted however you want. We just haven’t painted with sponges in a while and I thought it would be a nice change.

Paint the bag so that it is covered

Step 2. Let it dry folded out. Ours dried for an entire day but that is not needed. We just got busy with life.

Make sure all of it is painted and dry

Step 3. Cut 8 slits and hole punch them

cut tie yarn
Cut and 8 holes Tie a bit of yarn through.

Step 4. Create your Paper Chain tentacles. (I recommend a stapler but the ants stole it. So we used glue.) Then tie them to the yarn pieces.

Paper Chain Tentacles

Step 5. Draw a smile and some eyes (you could also cut those out) and wear for all to see. We also added three hearts because octopuses have 3 hearts which is another fun fact about them.

M Loved being an octopus


We learned many things about octopuses and had a fun time creating ours and wearing it. We played a game of tagged by the octopus after and took turns wearing it and chasing each other. It was fun and one of M’s favorite things she has created. Have fun with it and enjoy!


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