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Bubbles Tried and True DIY

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Bubbles. Ahh just saying the word it makes me think of being outside and fresh air. It comes with the territory of having young children and playing outside. (But admit it, you love bubbles just as much!) I love bubbles and my daughters are no different. However, we all know what happens with those little bottles you just bought…

Yup they are on the ground creating a nice design of soap on your pavement. Although this can cause tears (from the child of course!) and frustration after all you did just purchase those and it was a 10 pack! How can they be gone already????? There are many DIY bubble recipes out there so I decided to try them all! Some were certainly better than others and I am going to share them all right here! Aren’t you glad you chose to stop by today?

Bubble Mixes


Rated just for you!

Sticky Bouncing Bubbles

4. Bouncing Bubbles

Out of the four different recipes this one was my least favorite. It was advertised as bouncing bubbles. However, I did not get much bounce (because I apparently did not have the fancy gloves) but they also did not blow very well. In this recipe you use sugar instead of glycerin or corn syrup which causes it to be 10x as sticky. I do not recommend putting this in a bubble machine (learned that the hard way… ugh why?). It also attracts a million ants. I am currently at war with ants sooooo  I was not a fan of the army that came out.


This made a small amount

3. Teeny Weeny Amount

This recipe worked. It would be really good if you were only trying to make a tiny bit of bubbles at a time. It made a very small amount but the bubbles blew well so it was not too bad.

It was fine

2. Just Fine

It was fine… like when a guy ask  a lady when she is upset if she is ok and she answers fine. It did not necessarily work as well as our next option but it was fine. It blew the bubbles but not as far and they did not last very long. They often popped in the air as they were blown. As I said…fine.


So many bubbles
Blow me AWAY…


  1. Giant Bubbles and Everything Else

This recipe was by far the best. My three year old blew so many bubbles and it worked with the giant bubbles too! It was great and the most hardy. It surprised me because of the baking soda and corn starch that it is mixed with but it was pretty  and the bubbles were great! I saw somewhere where they put the bubble recipe in a laundry detergent container. This would be the recipe to save.



Now all this to say…. is it worth it? Bubbles at Walmart are about $5 or under depending on the size.  The ingredients that I used cost more than that especially the glycerin. Now I can get a few uses out of it but it is certainly less than the $4.98 bottle at Walmart. It also is a bit more work. It was fun to make the bubble mixes and test them all out but in the end I think the best idea if you want an easy solution is to buy it at the store. I know I know… crazy! But hey sometimes DIYs are just for fun rather than sense!

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Bubble Fun Continued…

We created 3 different types of bubble wands (had to use up those bubble mixes somehow!) It was fun to create and try them out.

  1. Pipe Cleaner Wands. Pretty much create a shape with a pipe cleaner and twist the ends together. It is fun for kids to see the shapes and SUPER easy! Just do not use the soft pipe cleaners. Use the most bristle ones because they do not soak up the mix as much.
  2. Straw Blower. Take about 6-8 straws and tape them together. Dip one side in the mix and blow from the other side. **** Make a label to mark which side is for the mouth and which side is for the mix.
  3. bubble straw
    M blowing the bubbles out!

    Straw and Yarn. This made super large bubbles which is awesome with the last mix. Thread a piece of yarn through 2 straws and tie. Place in mix and pick up and walk. Bubble will follow.

We had so much fun with our bubbles today. I hope this helps you when deciding how to make bubbles or if you even want to make bubbles. The bubble wands are so easy and it was nice to have so many different options to choose from. Enjoy your bubbles!



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