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DIY Daily Ice Cream Schedule

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Whew! These days go by quickly. I feel like I have been very lazy these last couple days because the weather has been… yuck! Lets bring back summer!!! (I have a three year old daughter… frozen quotes are inevitable). One of the things I am very grateful for is our schedule. Each day is a tad different and it is nice to be able to add it all in there. Now I am a mama of two girls, a three year old and a 10 year old. I also breastfeed. So I am going to give you  a look at what our daily stay- at -home schedule looks like. I would love to hear about some things you do while at home!

My babes HATES to sleep. (very large sigh) So she wakes up about the same time the sun does. Before the girls wake up I try to get my workout in, with my shower and devotions. If I wait till nap time I know I wont do it and I hate doing those things with the girls awake. Plus getting up at 5am gives me a few moments with my husband before he goes to work.

The Schedule

My babes on average wakes up around 6:30 and I nurse her first thing.

My preschooler wakes up around 7 so this is perfect. Now I have to say this is in a perfect world. Does she always sleep in like this? No. No she does not. But hey its the ideal. I get both girls dressed and ready for the day. Once a week we have PJ day because why not?

At 7:30 we eat breakfast. My 10 month old eats normal food and I give my preschooler two options for breakfast that are different each day.

8:00 we clean up and do our calendar time.

8:15 we play upstairs in the playroom for a bit. The girls play with each other and its just some fun free play.

8:45 We read books about our lesson topic for the day. I try to have at least 4. Remember* it is good for babies to read too! And we sing songs at this time too!

9:00- Baby goes to sleep (again perfect world) and I do the daily lessons with my preschooler. We do  a craft, a letter activity and a math activity. If we still have time we play a game or paint our toes!

10:00- Babes wakes up. M(my preschooler) and I have snack and she gets to play while I nurse E(the babe)

10:20- Outdoor play and a walk!!! We loves outdoors especially this time of year. So we get to play outside.

11:50- Clean up head in for lunch. Get lunch together and eat. E eats some normal food now that she has 2 teeth and I try to make lunch something she can eat normal.

1:00- Read a bible story. Sing a song and nap time!!!

While the kiddos nap I blog, finish whatever I couldn’t get done, do laundry and clean at least for 20 minutes.

3- they wake up depending on the weather we play outside or inside.

4- Clean up all the toys together and then go to the kitchen to make dinner.

5- Make dinner and hang out with Daddy

7:00- bathes, bedtime rituals(anyone else want to strangle themselves during this time) and finally a close to the race you ran through the day 🙂

The Organizing

Now that you know what my schedule looks like I want to share with you how it looks to us. I need to organize it and during our calendar time we do just that. We look at our daily activities. I created this ice cream scoop schedule to help us to organize and prepare for our day.

DIY Schedule
Ice Cream Scoop Schedule

This is super helpful to M and helps her to know what is going on. Plus, it was super easy to make.


Cardstock and Laminator (This just helps protect the durability)

Ice Cream Scoop Cut outs (You can get for free by subscribing below OR on teacherpayteachers)

Velcro Dots



Hot Glue


Print out the scoop sheets


Write your schedule items on the bottom of the ice cream scoop
one velcro dot
Cut out and Laminate. Then add 1 Velcro dot to the top of the scoop
Add two dots to the back.
Hot glue the cone to the bottom of the ribbon
Place Velcro dots along the ribbon
A full day
Place your scoops together and Enjoy!


This is a simple way to be able to change your daily items as they happen. One other idea is to glue all the scoops on the cone and use dry erase to change them. I chose not to do this because we enjoy taking them off and each day the amount of scoops needed changed.

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY for easier scheduling! Maybe afterwards enjoy a real scoop of ice cream to congratulate yourself 🙂

Again you can get this printable free from subscribing below or hop over to teacherspayteachers! Thanks 🙂



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