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Whoosh… went the wind

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I don’t know if you have noticed but the month of May has left a lot to be desired here on the east coast. I feel as though they need to change the poem to May showers bring June flowers or something. With all the rain we have been having along with the wind I decided to do a special activity week with my daughter all about the wind.

teach wind


How do you teach something that they cannot see? You have them feel it.

I LOVE Love love the library. I was able to get a ton of books all about the wind. Each day we read a nonfiction with a fiction and it was great. Some of the books I love are:

My favorite about this book is that it was a nonfiction and explained so much but with great illustrations for young kids. Also I do not recommend reading EVERYTHING but just highlighting the important parts.

This book was a fun book with all the different nursery rhymes. My daughter absolutely loved this book. I think we read it 6 or 7 times in the few days we had it. She very much enjoyed it and we discussed using the picture clues to tell what was going to happen next. It was a great fun book.


This book was fun to read because it is about using your imagination and in the end the book asks what you will create with the scraps of paper. So we cut out the pieces and let her create what she wanted with them. I did not have her glue them because the idea is that it is always changing just like our minds.

We read quite a few more but these were my favorite by far. It is super easy to find books on wind at the library. We read our books after calendar time since  I have her attention and it is easier to move into the days activities as well.

Straw Wind


The first activity we did was testing the wind. As you can see below we used a variety of different items and a straw to attempt to blow the items.

Using a straw to create her own wind

She then had to decide why it did move or why it might not of moved. We used a pompom, rock, leaf, paper, fabric, tissue, car, small plastic cow and a flower. MVI_2772






Fan Fun

Our next activity was testing it out with the fan. We used all the same items but she had to drop them in front of the fan. Check out the video showing how she accomplished this. MVI_2768  She was able to begin predicting which item might fall and which might float in the air.

Dropping the rock.. with a thud

We then created a little checklist marking what each item did. She asked me why and I asked her what she thought and she said well rocks are heavy! Win for Mama right there. I love when she comes up with her own conclusions instead of leaning on me to help.



Up Up and AWAY

The last activity that we did was make kites. It is spring time and we are discussing wind. Kites are the next big ticket item right there!  For this activity you need:

  • paper
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • straws
  • tape
  • yarn
  • ribbon

Step 1. Cut the paper. I find it easiest to fold it hotdog (length wise) and cut a diamond.

Fold and Cut

Step 2. Color Your Kite

Color aggressively if you want to get out some feelings

Step 3. Use two straws and cut one straw in half. Create a t on the back and tape down.

t shape
See the t shape? tape it good.

Step 4. Hole punch the bottom and cut yarn to tie on for the tail.

Knot it good. Preschoolers can be rough.

Step 5. Create another one for a imaginary friend or stuffed bear. Enjoy!

One for her and one for her bear. (The second one she did with no help.)


These three activities were fun and enjoyable. She was able to learn a bit more about the wind. She had already made a wind propeller and wind chime before so we did not do that this week. If you would like more directions to various crafts and such please subscribe below! I would love to share with you!


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