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Best Time of Our Day..

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Calendar Time, better known as the best time of our day, gives my girls and I a chance to look ahead at our day and talk about different things that we will be doing or not doing. We never miss calendar time. It takes a maximum time of 10 minutes depending on how focused my oldest is and if there are any song requests or discussions about what is ahead. I am about to show you what this time looks like and the tools I use to make sure it is successful.

  • The Calendar. Any calendar will do, however, I really enjoy our magnetic Melissa and Doug daily calendar. It has all of the parts all easily accessible and organized. This helps me not to forget any components and also helps my preschooler know what to do next.

    Melissa & Doug My First Daily Magnetic Calendar
  • Months. We sing the Months of the Year Song. There are a variety of different ones but my favorite is the most basic sung to the tune of 10 little Indians. Check out that song here.
  • Date. We discuss the date and what numbers make up the date and then practice counting to that number. so if the date is the 25, I will ask “What to numbers do we need to make 25?” She will reply 2 and 5 and then we will count to the number 25.


  • Days of the week. Again we sing a song about the days of the week. My baby loves this song because of the clapping. I clap to this although the original version they snap. Then we move the days to the correct spaces and briskly go over what we did yesterday and what we are going to do tomorrow. I find this helps separate the days out for her a bit better.
  • Seasons. Next we sing a season song that I found on Pinterest (I have a Pinterest love). It is a cute printable page that helped us learn the song. I love it and my preschooler thinks it is fun to yell YES- SIREE at the end. On the first day of the season we go into detail about that season and what kinds of things to expect.


Weather. She loves this part. She actually updates it as the day goes on which I love because she is tying the two together. It is not just a morning part of calendar time but changes throughout the day.

  • Activities and Holidays. Finally, is our activities. Some days we have a bunch of things on there and others we have it blank. This is fantastic for getting her prepared for what we will be doing. She now knows that when it is Wednesday we go to dance and Tuesday we go to library.


Calendar time is a special time where she can ask questions about our day ahead and I do not have to hear about them as the day goes on. She can get in the mindset that is needed for various activities. I also do this with both children, even though my babe obviously can not sing the songs and participate she can still listen and over time she will be able to know what to do. This is the best tool we have and it is certainly the best part of our day.

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