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The 1 Chalkboard DIY that Changed My Life

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Chalkboard DIY projects are EVERYWHERE! I find them super neat but often times do not want to find the time to chalk paint my labels and stick them to all my jars. However, I did want to create a chalkboard wall in my house for my girlies. We have a kitchen where the one countertop sticks out and the wall under it was wasted space. So I sat back and thought, Ahhh I should make it into a creative wall space for my girls.

At first I just thought that I would paint it and let my girls draw on it with chalk. After time though I used it as a learning space! This was the number one DIY chalkboard project that changed my life.  Not for the fact of the Chalkboard wall but how I was able to utilize this little wall for my life.

After the Chalk…

After  I used the chalk paint on the wall, I was able to start putting the items I wanted on the wall. They help organize my days with my girls and keep us learning throughout the day. I will speak about a couple in later post but they are very helpful.

Calendar Time



Melissa and Doug Calendar

The first item I fell in love with is my Calendar. It is a Melissa and Doug Daily Calendar. I am going to post more on this item this week but It is my absolute favorite tool for our morning calendar time I do with my preschooler each day.




Felt Letters and Number

The second item I picked up in the target dollar area. Who else loves that beautiful spot at Target? (Today I actually passed it up… ahh willpower) Well these beautiful letters were there calling my name. For a whopping $3 I was able to get all the numbers and letters. They are felt so my preschooler loves touching them which allows her to practice tracing them. They are stickers so they stuck to the wall perfectly.



Verse of the Week

My goal with my girls is that they have the opportunity to learn the bible and memorize verses. We have learned a few so far, the one we practice the most of course is Eph. 6:1 Children obey your parents. We use that one quite often. However, this weeks verse is Christ died for us. Writing it down helps me to remember to practice it with her and also gives her the chance to read the words for herself.





Schedule of the Day

This is my proudest item. I created this daily schedule with ice cream scoops that we use daily to keep track of the days activities. As we complete the daily schedule we take off the ice cream cone. If you would like a free printable and DIY directions subscribe below.


The best part is there is still room for more. I do not know what else  I might add along the way. I am excited about this wall and how it has helped me to organize my days. I hope something like this can help you too!




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