Honey Can you?

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For the last 6 months my husband has been deployed. Thankfully it was over the winter time and I didn’t really have any to-do list items for him. BUT, now that he is home and it is almost summer I have a list  a mile long. One being I want a garden.

The idea of saying I want tacos or salad or tacos and being able to walk outside and get it sounds amazing to me. So I asked and of course the answer was well we can see. So, I took it upon myself and found that it would be a good learning opportunity for my girly and bought my supplies.

Now I did not go with the traditional gardening method because apparently you have to till the land and blah blah blah. No, I decided to put our back deck to good use and use containers.

I really wanted them to succeed but I have what you call a black thumb. If I touch it, it will instantly die. I am hoping my girls will offset it and make it successful. Now, we have our containers and our soil and our plants all ready to go. My daughter loved putting it all together. Then we left for our vacation. (Honestly, did not think that part through.) What do ya know? We came home to plants with growing veggies!!!!  Excuse me as I do my victory dance.

Well now, I have all these plants and realized that I am going to forget which one is which. What do you do with that dilemma? You Paint!

She had so much fun painting.

Clothespins to the rescue. We enjoyed our fun painting activity. She even said it was her favorite thing of the entire day! Whoo hoo That a mommy win right there.

Labeled each clothespin

Now I was just going to clip them onto the pots but then decided it would be way more fun if they were like little flags.

Stick the poles right into the pot.
Nice little flag to label our plants for us.

Yea! Now we know what is going to grow in each plant! I’m not sure if you can see my beautiful baby pepper growing! Cant wait to have that with some fajitas!

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