Don’t pick where the dog pees

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“Don’t pick where the dog pees” yet another phrase that I never saw myself saying.

My daughter loves picking flowers and on our walk she often stops to smell (and pick) the roses (which are dandelions, weeds and buttercups). Our dog goes ahead and pees on every single item that is above ground level.

Today on our walk she picked a numerous amount of flowers, so I decided to make something with them since yesterdays pickings ended up on the floor of my garage.

Collages are a preschoolers best friend. So we decided to create a flower collage.

Items needed:

  • Iron
  • Wax paper
  • Flowers from your child (or yourself)
  • Paper
  • Glue

Take a nice walk outside and have your child pick some flowers. Make sure to enjoy these moments. Only allow yourself to get annoyed when the dog starts pulling the stroller with the baby screaming, all while you are checking for something in your preschoolers shoes for the third time. (Cant make this up people)

She has to examine them all to pick JUST the RIGHT one

When you get home grab out the wax paper and iron. You will need two sheets of wax paper. Collect the flowers from their secret spot. Deal with the tantrum from your child because you helped and she/he didn’t want you to help and then lay the flowers on the piece of wax paper with the second one on top.

Lay them out and place the second on top.

Next iron the flowers. Now do not let them sit too long but just enough that it looks like a pressed flower. I let my daughter do this. It certainly depends on the child, we have gone over all the safety rules and the importance of using it right. I let her touch all the parts while it was turned off to ease any curiosity.

Slowly peel apart the wax paper and you will have pressed flowers. Peel them off and then have your child glue them on to  a piece of paper.

Glue flowers on however you wish.

Again, I let her use the glue. Yes it is sticky and does tend to be messy at times. My philosophy is that if she never tries she will never learn. Plus, that stuff is fun to peel off later!





In the end you have a flower collage masterpiece that your child has created from start to finish. It is fun and can be done more than once. She loves creating things like this and we do it often. Taking pieces from the world around you helps them to better understand it as well become little creators!

I hope you enjoyed this little activity. For more fun and ideas to use with your toddlers and preschoolers subscribe below!



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