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On the Road….

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Well I have officially lost my mind.. I am about to embark on a three week road trip with my family. Yes, that is right, my hubby , my potty training preschooler and my sleepless babe. Oh my do they have a straight jacket for me?

Well in order to make sure this is a smooth trip I have tried to think through every aspect of this trip. Below are the ten preps that I have made to help the trip be successful.

Ten Tips to a Successful Road Trip with Kids


10. Have a potty chair for my preschooler. This way I know that no matter where the urge hits we can stop and she will be able to go. (This worked twice! Very helpful to have on hand)


9. Amazon Music Playlist. Who loves Amazon? (Raises hand and yells I DO) Well with Amazon Prime did you know you can get free music? This is the best! With all the different tastes in music we are able to create one playlist so everyone is happy. Also makes it interesting when Arky Arky comes on followed by Hotel California.


8. Toys in the middle seat. My babe is now able to reach EVERYTHING! How is it such little arms can be so long? Well I was able to put a bag of chew toys in the middle of the car so that she can reach them easily and I can reach them if desperate. This is very helpful for her to just be able to play with more than her toes.


7. Pack a picnic. This is a double plus. If I pack  a picnic I am able to save money on a meal AND also let my girlies out to get fresh air and run about. This is going to be a sanity saver!

Enjoying our picnic on the Natchez Trace


6. Internet Free IPAD games. I am not by any means for sticking your kid in front of a screen to have it babysit them. But after five hours of driving the kid deserves some time to just waste! The two that we liked the best was luminosity for kids and a fun painting game. These work offline so they are perfect for the car ride.


5. Snacks! Snacks are a lifesaver for every member. Everyone is nicer when their tummies are full. We don’t need to be getting hangry on the PA Turnpike its hard enough as it is! So we have snacks. This also helps keep us from stopping at the gas station to get goodies for our grumbling tummies. We separated our snacks into two groups. Snacks for the car (not messy) and snacks for lunch and stops (a bit messy).


4. Countdown travel timeline. This timeline road helps us move along and see how many stops we have until we are back home. Considering my oldest is 3, time is a bit hard to understand. This timeline road helps guide her along in our process and helps her to see how many stops we have.

Used Velcro and a car to keep track of all of our stops.


3. Lots of stops. I am a nursing mama and have a little one who needs the bathroom often. This means that we have to stop a lot. This is also  a great time to stretch the legs. Every time we stop no matter how short  I make my preschooler jump and stretch and run. (She has to get the energy out somehow) This helps me get in some fitbit steps too!


2. Goodie bag. I put together a little goodie bag for my oldest so that every long driving day she gets a little something. Some things I have included are stickers, magic markers (the ones that only show up on a certain type of paper), felt dolls, a little troll ( All about the Poppy life) and little horses. All these things were under $3. It helps give her something new throughout the trip and enjoy a little something different everyday.

1.  A Happy Attitude! Willingness to try everything and make stops that might not be a planned stop. Today was our first day and we stopped at Antietam Battlefield a place my hubs has always wanted to see and never has had a chance. SO we made the most of it and stopped. It was great and I learned so much. Remember that trips are not always readily available to go on so make the most of every moment and enjoy the time with the fam!

My happy fam!


In the end I am super excited about this trip. The first day has come to  a close and everything has gone so well! We are checked into the hotel the girls are asleep and we are all ready for a exciting new day tomorrow! Just have to remember to make the most of everything and if things do end up being tough in moments they will make for funny memories later… hopefully.


What are some things you do on trips to help your family succeed in happiness?


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