New Orleans here we come…

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We are back home now but I am still thinking back on our trip and all that we accomplished. The fact that we traveled with a nursing baby and a potty training preschooler is enough to make my head spin.  We certainly were able to see a lot but I think one of our biggest accomplishments was New Orleans. We were there for two days. That’s it and we were able to see (and eat) so much!

I had it in my mind that I was going to enjoy some New Orleans food. I made sure to try the gumbo (spicy!) a shrimp po-boy (yummy) and even some fried crawfish which I convinced my three year old to eat to telling her it was chicken. However, my favorite was the beignet. Oh my! We ate at  Café Beignet in their courtyard and listened to jazz. It was lovely and I felt very New Orleansish.

Yummy Beignet.


Only ate the sugar








Another thing we were able to do is go on a swamp tour. Goodness there are a lot of gators in the swamp waters there. We saw so many. This was so much fun. Our three year old really enjoyed this and it was neat being able to see so much.

Petting and holding a gator on our swamp tour.

We also went to the Mardi Gras place. The work that goes into making one of those floats is beyond amazing.

Behind me is a decoration for a float.


Try on the costumes.


The girls loved this and it was a lot of fun to see.





Before we left we went to the World War II museum. Although it was not very child friendly (though was nice for the stroller) we learned a lot and probably could of stayed much longer. It is always humbling to learn about the men who fought for our country and to protect those around us.

Old wall from Germany

As you can see we accomplished a lot in our 48 hours there. I was impressed with all that we saw. We were able to see so much on our trip and it was wonderful seeing all the different things around America. (BTW Mississippi loves to give free things to children 😉



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