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Fun for Everyone?

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Hello again,


We are still on our trip and it has been crazy fun. Now we are hanging out in Tennessee with my brother-in-law and his family. One, Tennessee is beautiful so shout out to all of those who live in such a gorgeous state! Two, I love my family out here. I am very lucky because I am friends with both my sister-in-laws. They are both truly like sisters to me and not many people get to say that. While we are out here we love to hang out and play games. It is fun and always comes back with some great jokes. So here for today are four reasons to play games with family.


4. No matter what the game there will always be that one person who pouts. Last night it was my husband. He was grumpy at me for messing up his #tickettoride game. I however, did not win. My brother-in-law who hates games did. He was still mad though because I kept him from winning.  This of course is just funny and provides more laughs to the people who are just having fun. The best part of this, is family will always love you so attitudes just need to be adjusted and move on!

Hubby lost 🙁


3. Games provide time to talk and get comfortable. People say that you bond over food. However, if you use food and a game, bonding and getting to know one another will instantly happen. People can stay guarded and stuff their mouths with food but with games ya just gotta be yourself. Now I don’t really have to get comfortable with this group. Though looking back at our first game of rummy there was definitely a bit of bonding.


2. There are infinite number of jokes. There are jokes from the very first time we played games with each other 8 years ago. There are also jokes just from yesterday. Last night we played ping pong. Oh how I wish I could of recorded that game for all to see. At one point my brother in law referenced the War of 1812. We played five seconds the other day, you know the one where you list three things about something in five seconds, I listed Playtex as a toy place. (Yes not my strongest game)


1. Laughs and memories aplenty. Laughing is good for the soul. It is healthy for the heart and the bones. For this reason alone playing games should happen with family. In our game of ping pong last night there was leaping and jumping that I am sure is not normally associated with ping pong. This led to many laughs and I am sure future stories.


The girls had fun.


Playing games, laughing and enjoying family time is so important. I am lucky to have so much family. Family can also be a pain but the thing is we love them all anyways and hopefully they will always love back.


We are always looking for new games, what are your favorites to play?

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