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How to take a walk with the Kids around the Neighborhood…

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Ahh the outdoors. Take a big breath in and feel the fresh air. Today was beautiful and we lived it up outdoors for as long as we could. In the evening we went for a walk. All four adults and five girls loaded up and walked the neighborhood. This may not seem like much but goodness, who knew there was so much work in gearing up for a nice walk around the neighborhood. I realized on this walk just a few things about walking with children.


  1. No matter what you put on them they will ALWAYS be the opposite of what it is outside. Tonight was chilly. All children complained about the chilliness… put on light jackets and all children complain about being warm. BE HAPPY PEOPLE!

    I had to force her to wear this.
  2. Somehow there is always a random item you may need on the walk. Tonight my niece fell on a pile of mud. Of course this was a short walk so we did not come out with the usual preparations needed. We used an old sock that was found on the bottom of the stroller.
  3. Children will NEVER be content on where they are placed on this walk. Start in a wagon will end walking. Start walking end in a wagon. Begin in a stroller and well sometimes you end up pushing the stroller while holding the baby. Why can’t they just sit back and enjoy the scenery?
  4. Walks are an enjoyable family time. Even with all of this it is so nice to get outside and walk with the family. It is relaxing and enjoyable to just take a walk and breathe in the fresh air.
Dads at play.


The walk was fun and though eventful moments with children nevertheless, 5 girls is always a bit on the eventful side. We were able to sing songs, talk and take some deep breaths outside. Do you enjoy family walks, what fun adventures happen on your family walks?

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