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Ark bound…

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Our day began with high winds, down pouring rain and our phones warning us every few moments of the flash flood alerts. What a way to begin our venture to see the Ark.

40 days and 40 nights it rained and rained and rained and those 8 people were stuck in that boat with over 6000 animals. It is hard to believe that they all survived. I am about done with this rainy season and it hasn’t even been consistent. We walked into the ark and could hear the rain pouring and the noises that would have been heard on the ark so many years ago.


I learned 5 essential things by visiting the Ark today.


5. When your baby is crying everyone has something to say. It doesn’t matter who they are, people will make comments. Today it ranged from “oh she is hungry” all the way to “she must be tired” and of course my favorite “Baby you ain’t the only one who is done”. The best way I have learned to handle these people is to politely smile and slowly move away from the group… unless you have offended everyone on the ark in which you just try to hold the wiggly child.


4. Snacks are always needed for EVERYONE. My family gets hangry quick. I forgot this for a moment today. We were all in tense spirits until we all have some treats (of course I didn’t pack enough) and moved onto the last floor as my preschooler looked for Noah.


3. I am thankful for only having to take care of 2 animals. We have a dog and a turtle. They are sometimes too much for me. Just kidding but really… 6000 animals that only 8 people took care of on the Ark. This blows my mind and I feel like dirty dishes is never a chore that is done. Those people must of felt like they could never get ahead of the poop.


2. I love the sunshine. Sunshine is a beautiful thing. It seemed ironic that our trip to the Ark would be rainy but it was a reminder of how glad I am that God promised to never flood the Earth ever again. I could not imagine being locked onto a boat for 40 days and 40 nights with 8 people and not seeing the sun. Talk about seasonal depression. Let the sun shine down on me!


  1. Following God always pays off. Even in the moments where you think you have it all figured out, having faith in Gods plan is where it really counts. I am thankful for Gods provision and His love and sacrifice He made for me. I am also challenged today to have faith like Noah who built a giant boat in the midst of dry land.

    Visiting the Ark (Emory didn’t make it)


The day was certainly a success. I am glad that we were able to see it and now that old Bible story seems so real to me on so many new levels.

Like my hubby said,“ It was an overload of really good information”

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